How To Pleasure a Mature Mistress

If you are a mature mistress, you probably want to know what you can do to increase her arousal and to keep her eager for sex. You may be the type of person who likes to initiate things on your own. If that is the case, it would make sense that you would learn what you can do that will increase her desire for sex. One of the first steps to take if you are a mature mistress is to hone her skills. There are some things that you should do.

One of them is to learn how to give a good massage. Although you already know how to massage a person properly, you may be able to learn something new to make her experience that much more enjoyable. The proper massage also helps her relax and to get prepared for the coming sexual encounter. It also helps her to feel comfortable and relaxed before you begin the massage.

Give her some foreplay. Foreplay is necessary to help her relax before sex. You can start by kissing her neck, lips, breasts and other intimate areas of her body. Take time to explore every inch of her body. By doing this, you will be setting the stage for an evening of passion and romance.

Tease her. Don’t just give her one or two sexual rewards. Make her earn your love by being a good kisser and by telling her sweet nothings. By doing this, it builds her anticipation for sex. The more anticipation that develops, the better it will feel for her. You will also increase her arousal and desire.

Have different sexual positions. This will not only give her multiple orgasms but it will also make it easier for you to penetrate her. When you give her oral sex, make sure that you stimulate her clitoris with your tongue. You can also stimulate her nipples with your finger. If you want to make love by intercourse, then you need to stimulate her g-spot using your fingers. This will not only ensure that she achieves orgasm but it will also bring out her sexual fantasies.

Tell her how to achieve an orgasm. Before intercourse, you need to teach her to reach orgasm. Start by stimulating her clitoris gently with your tongue and then move down to her labia and finally to her vagina. You can also use your fingers to stimulate her g-spot. You can even use some sex toys to help her achieve orgasm. By doing this, you give her variety and surprise.

Ask her if she likes what you are doing. Most women say yes during intercourse. However, some don’t until you ask them. You can ask her if she wants to go further or if she wants you to stop. It’s important to know her preferences so that you can take advantage of them during your lovemaking session.

Always keep an open mind. There are many ways to satisfy a woman. So, there is no excuse for not giving her the ultimate pleasure. You can start by making her sit on your lap or in your bed and give her oral sex or vaginal intercourse. Later, you can move to sex positions that are more advanced.

Give her some special rewards. She deserves some special rewards to encourage her to reach climax. Some of these rewards might include kissing her on the lips, licking her nipples or even sucking her breasts. Make her promise never to forget these mouth watering treats and show her appreciation by giving her a token of your love. This will make her crave your touch. After all, you are the one who knows how to satisfy her desires.

Always let her know that you love her. Mature couples often share their lovemaking secrets with each other. Tell her that you enjoy giving her pleasure and that you want to make her feel loved.

Never be afraid to stimulate her erogenous zones. If you have never performed oral sex on a mature woman, you should know that her lips and g-spot are the most sensitive parts on her body. Use them during intercourse to make her orgasm. Otherwise, she won’t feel the pleasure that you are giving her.