Foot Worship

I love having my feet worshipped and pampered by an appreciative foot worshipper.Of course, I realise that foot, shoe and boot worshippers have different tastes, and I cater for them all.

I can relax and sit back while you worship my feet, I can ignore you, or I can include a domination or humiliation scenario, depending on your desire. I have a wonderful collection of shoes and boots for you to worship, or my perfectly pedicured bare or stockinged feet await your attention. What's your pleasure?

Foot Worship

I sit back and relax while you massage, kiss, and caress my beautiful feet and toes. Savor the wonderful scent of my feet as you lie beneath me.

Heel Worship

Suck my heel. Lick it, worship it, and feel it dig into your sensitive lips. Lick my shiny shoes all over with your eager tongue. Take your rightful place beneath my high heels.

Toe Sucking

So many perfect toes to choose from! You'll be in heaven as I slide my toes into your open, waiting mouth. I like to push into a willing mouth with my elegant toes. That’s it, take them all the way in. Feel them filling up your mouth as your tongue caresses each delicate toe.


Take your position beneath my feet as I place them over your mouth and nose. You can't take a breath without my permission and without inhaling the delicious scent of my feet. Surrender to my soles as they close around your face, leaving you blind, helpless and at my mercy.


Be crushed under my feet. You're my doormat and I'll use you to wipe the dirt from my shoes. Feel the soles burn into your skin, or feel the flesh of my feet on your flesh as my weight bears down onto your body. I will trample you into the ground.

Boot Worship

Submit to the boots encasing my fabulous legs. Run your fingers along the length of them, lick them slowly, all the way from the heels to the soles. Draw your lips and tongue along the full length. Take the pointed toe in your mouth and suck, hard. When you worship my boots you will do it thoroughly.

Romantic Foot Massage

I love romantic sessions - lots of scented candles and lots of massaging, kissing and caressing of my feet!

Human Foot Stool

Assume a crouched position as I lean back and rest my gorgeous feet on you. Maybe you'll hold my glass of chilled white wine while I paint my toenails. Can you feel my heels digging into your bare back?

Food Crushing

I love to crush fruit until the juice runs all over my feet, or dribble ice cream over them. What's your favorite flavour? Either way you'll be licking them clean.

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I cater for many different scenarios and
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Of course I dont offer any sexual services.
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